Welcome to Blestar

In our website you will be able to find the ideal promotional item for your company, with the best price and quality.

We cordially invite you to navigate through our website in which you will find the following benefits:

  • Search products by price/family/color.
  • Images of all our products in different views and positions.
  • Create on your own and very easily virtual samples with your own logo.
  • More than 20 different groups or families that will help in the search of the right promotional item.


We are a Mexican company with offices located in Mexico City, U.S.A, South America and China. We are dedicated to importation and distribution of a great variety of promotional items, characterized by its accessible prices and international quality standards. Thanks to our personalized customer service, we successfully provide our clients and distributors an efficient service. For this purpose we have a team dedicated to the constant search of international level recently launched products.

Our inventory allows us to tend to the particular needs of our clients and distributors more efficiently and with an immediate delivery guaranteed.

We also offer a search system of specific promotional items, with the confidence that we can offer the best price and quality.

For our company the distributors are more than just a simple client. A distributor is a real commercial partner, to whom we support by trying to provide a mutual benefit and growth.


For this we purpose we strongly believe that honesty is basic for the development of a good business relationship. We want our distributors to be all those companies that can find in our services, products, prices and quality, good opportunities to grow professionally.


  1. The solicited orders must be in writing or elaborated through our website.
  2. All prices might vary, until order is confirmed.
  3. Orders made before 16 hrs will be confirmed the same day, pass this time they will be confirmed the next day.
  4. Orders received via fax will not be considered until confirmation via phone is received along with the order number.
  5. For especial orders, client must pay 50% in advance.
  6. If the client asks to have order supplied and ready for pick up, and does not pick it up in the next 72 hrs after order has been made, the client automatically accepts a 10% extra charge on the value of the invoice on handling and storage costs.
  7. We do not accept refunds or cancelations of any kind on orders already paid and delivered.
  8. We do not currently loan any merchandise.
  9. All promotional items offered on the website or on sales through the phone are subjected to availability.
  10. All our merchandise and prices are subject to change with no notice.


  1. Payment forms
    • Check (previous authorization by the accounting department is necessary)
    • Cash
    • Bank transfer
    • Check deposit
  2. Bounced checks have a charge of $500.00 +IVA and the automatic cancellation of clients´ credit and future deliveries will not be made unless payment is made in cash or deposited in bank account.
  3. To obtain credit you will need to ask your sales executive for credit form by communicating to the following telephone number:5357-3000
  4. In case that client has any balances due, merchandise will not be delivered under any circumstance.
  5. If order exceeds credit limit, client must communicate with accounting department to apply for a credit extension or ask about the balance to pay.
  6. All late payments will create a monthly 4% interest rate after it was due.
  7. Before billing we ask that the client checks all information to make sure it is correct.
  8. After invoice is made there is no re-billing without exceptions.
  9. We do not accept payments with American express.
  10. Payments made with credit/debit card generate an additional 3% charge
  11. The additional 3% will be billed and charged when order is picked up.


We do not accept any type of refunds, even on defective merchandise, that has already been printed on.

  1. Clients have maximum 5 business days from the date on invoice to notify their sales executive about any physical exchange of merchandise, no exceptions.
  2. The client must notify sales executive via e-mail reason why physical exchange is required and must wait for sales executive to accept or reject exchange.
  3. There are no replenishments on delivered and signed of received merchandise.


  1. Inventory on-line is estimated on the actual stock.
  2. Inventory is updated every day, although slight differences might exist between the page and actual stock because of the orders generated throughout the day.
  3. Merchandise can be set aside if a client asks for it, but it will only be kept during 3 business days.
  4. Clients must communicate with their sales executive in order to keep merchandise aside. (THIS MUST BE DONE VIA E-MAIL)

It is vital to be a part of the promotional or advertising industry in order to become one of our distributors, with this our intentions is to protect your benefits by avoiding final clients from registering as distributors.

For this it is necessary to have all the following commercial data in order to be in our system, which will allow clients to enjoy especial discounts, to participate first-hand in our monthly promotions and to access all of the different functions on our web site, functions which will facilitate and expedite their work.

It will be an honor to have your preference and we hope to soon welcome you as a BLESTAR distributor.

The information we ask for it’s the same information that will appear in all invoices, this is why it is of crucial importance to make sure that the form its filled with the actual tax data.

Additionally we also ask for the following documents, which can be sent via e-mail or to the following e-mail address: info@blestar.net or via fax at 5357-000.

  • Prove of enrollment in the federal tax
  • Tax identification
  • Copy of current bill
  • A business card
  • Proof of address
  • Automatically obtain the discounts on list prices
  • Automatic access to all the benefits and functions on our web site:
    • Check inventory on-line
    • Get quotes
    • Make an order on-line
    • Check purchase history
    • Check your credit limit
    • Check account statement
  • Pre-approved line of credit (MUST FILL OUT FORM)
  • Privileged information on promotions, before they are published on our web site
  • Support in especial projects
  • Automatically a sales executive will be assign to take care of clients´ account
  • Especial discounts on samples
  • A free of charge catalog

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